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They just keep coming, don’t they? We have yet another new face to introduce! Sandy has already taken over many of the office-manager-type duties and we’d have to say she’s doing a great job, so far. Not to mention, you can’t beat an office manager with a sense of humor, and she certainly isn’t lacking in that department…but I’ll let you guys figure that out for yourself.


What are some of your hobbies?

I love spending most of my free time with my kids. Their hobbies are my hobbies by default and they pretty much run the show. Is being silly a hobby?

What’s your favorite thing about Milwaukee?

Milwaukee has so much culture and so many great events. There is always something to do every day of the week. I also really enjoy the Wisconsin change of seasons, and our close proximity to many lakes, Chicago and the Dells.

Mac or PC?

Hmmmm….I have traditionally been a PC girl just because that is always what I’ve owned. As a Sosh team member though, I am loving my new MacBook and I think it loves me back!

What’s your favorite social platform?

I really admire what Facebook has done to bring folks together. So many people have reconnected with friends from their past that likely would not have, without the wonder that is Facebook. Oh yeah, and the games. I like the games.

What is your general philosophy when it comes to work and the role it plays in your life?

My philosophy has always been to do whatever it takes to get the job done perfectly the first time. I am also so thankful to work for an organization that truly understands the importance of family, flexibility and balancing work with fun!

Do you have a favorite (tech/social/web) company?

I can’t say that I have a favorite, although I do like to shop a bit online! I guess my favorite sites are any that have an efficient way to organize and search for the best data and the best deals that are available in that mass of stuff that’s “out there”. So much internet…so little time!

We’re adding bodies fast over here and our latest victim… uh, I mean addition is Jessi! She’ll be running support on a number of accounts and, even though she claims it isn’t widely known, we knew she was a nerd right from the beginning. Meet our very own, self-proclaimed “sass”…

What are some of your hobbies (besides social media, of course)?

I kind of dabble in all sorts of activities, I’ll try almost anything once! If I must list something though off the top of my head I do Bikram Yoga, Kickboxing, Run, Sew, Cook/Bake and Read…I sound boring. I better not mention that I have a cat… oh I just did.

What’s your favorite thing about Milwaukee?

Without sounding like everyone else from Milwaukee… I love that it’s a fairly large city without feeling overwhelming. Brewers games, Jazz in the Park, Summerfest, State Fair, Brewery Tours, Different Cultural Festivals, Bradford Beach and so much more. I’ll stop before a bunch of people try to move here.

jessiMac or PC?

PC!!! I might be the only person in the office who will say this, but it’s what I grew up with. I know all the shortcuts and I’ll never forget DOS, I could never have played my childhood games without it!

What’s your favorite social platform?

Facebook. I use it more than any other platform and it’s interesting to see what my friends around the globe are up to at any given moment.

What is your general philosophy when it comes to work and the role it plays in your life?

If you wake up everyday hoping it’s Friday you’re in the wrong profession and always trust your gut.

Do you have a favorite (tech/social/web) company?

Not particularly, If something catches my attention online or on CNN I’ll read anything I can possibly find, but I don’t follow anyone too closely.

Anything else?

I‘m Vietnamese, I drive a stick shift, I’m very sassy and a closet nerd.

Relatively new to the city of Milwaukee, you’ll find Kaitlyn snapping pictures of sights everywhere because as she says, “It’s probably the first time I’ve seen it.” Meet our ping-pong extraordinaire and new office buddy…

What are some of your hobbies (besides social media, of course)?

Where to begin? I’m an avid photographer and take entirely too many snapshots of happenings around the city, my view, and the (more than) occasional weather pic.  I love playing outfield in the Milwaukee #AdWorkers Softball League and pulling every pitch to left field. I also played golf in college – that was a long time ago. Now I just get excited if I play three times a year. Let’s hit the range sometime, shall we?

What’s your favorite thing about Milwaukee?

See above. Also, you can find me blowing half a paycheck at the new, hot spot for a bite to eat, or frequenting the Milwaukee classics. I’m a big fan of eclectic foods, good wine and a patio (those three months of the year we can utilize it).


Mac or PC?

I’ve dabbled in all genres of computer models, but I’ve recently gone full-on Macintosh and as an iPhone and MacBook Air user, it’s hard to remember what it was like to exit out on the right side of the screen…

What’s your favorite social platform?

Twitter because… well, just follow me – @KaitlynMKE #shamelessplug

What is your general philosophy when it comes to work?

It’s so cliché, but I think that if you truly want something, you work hard for it. Not everything is handed to you on a silver platter and you need to work your way up from the bottom to get where you truly want to be in life. I also think you find your true self if you work in retail or the service industry world for at least a year!

What’s your favorite (tech/social/web) company

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Mainly because my cooking repertoire has broadened and my wallet cries from all the new outfits I’ve bought from trolling Pinterest late at night.

Anything else?

There is a likelihood that if you run into me on the street, I’ll be toting a large purse, a Starbucks cup, and have earbuds in – just tap my shoulder and say hi. :)


In case you haven’t heard, Google Glass is the wave of the future. The name of Google’s augmented reality headset is on the tip of everyone’s (or at least that’s the way it seems) tongues. As with many technological innovations – and, especially with those that really push the limits of current technology and the state of the world today –, Glass has its critics and it has its champions. But, it’s not an issue that’s so black-and-white. Yes, there are some possible drawbacks (or, at least, possible issues to be wary of) but there is also the realm of possibility to which Glass could open the door.

Mankind has always been afraid of change, in general, and, especially, technology (because of the change and uncertainty it brings). Technophobia has existed since the Industrial Revolution (and probably even before). From the creation of knitting machines and such that threatened the livelihood of skilled laborers to the advent of the atomic bomb (and its use at Hiroshima and Nagasaki) during WWII, we’ve seen the breadth of our fear of technology – from the rational to the irrational.

And, Glass certainly hasn’t avoided any controversy. Early on, it was threats from business owners – especially bars and other social gathering areas – in the San Francisco (and others) threatening to ban the headwear in their establishments. Then, it was a flurry of articles from doubting journalists and others that necessitated Ben Parr, a writer/technology journalist at Mashable, to write this pragmatic yet optimistic piece on the “4 biggest challenges facing Google Glass”. Most recently, Google has even had countries’ – yes, you GoogleGlass_15heard that right – privacy officials request pairs of the product for use in testing in order for them to evaluate the privacy concerns that a device like this might raise. Although, Wired‘s Liat Clark thinks they may just want a pair for themselves.

However, regardless of the questions surrounding Glass, it’s also clear that the device has an obvious up-side. In reality, the capabilities of Glass (at least at this point) are, essentially, those of a smartphone. It’s what Glass does in terms of changing the way we interact with that technology that makes it a considerable step forward. Instead of having to reach in your pocket and unlock your phone, Glass attempts to blur the line between technological and biological. Whether you think that’s a good thing or not – we’ll leave that debate for another day – the fact is that Google is trying to make the technology that we use become more of an asset and less of a distraction. Not to mention, the future-tech in the vein of augmented reality contact lenses (which are currently being developed for military use) as well as the improvement in voice command technology that a device like this would seem to imply. In addition, dreamers (a group in which I might often include myself) may view a product like this as the precursor to even more futuristic technologies such as Geordi La Forge‘s (Star Trek: The Next Generation character played by LeVar Burton) VISOR, which provided the blind character with artificial sight (in later films the VISOR was replaced by cybernetic prosthetic implants). In fact, in a slightly less “futuristic” vein, we’re already seeing doctors use Glass to assist surgeries and provide a private stream of such events for learning purposes.

Yes, they may look funny. Yes, there are still questions that need to be answered around how to approach the unprecedented amount of information Glass will collect. But, as long as this part of the equation is handled responsibly, I see this headset as a huge leap forward in terms of the way we view the relationship between man and technology. Maybe this is what frightens some people. But, as I mentioned earlier, it’s undeniable that this “step” will open the door to an entire realm of possibilities we can’t even dream of. What will come through the door once it’s open? There’s absolutely no way that, with any certainty, I can make an accurate prognostication on that. What I can tell you is that it’s completely up to us.

Meet sōsh: Dave

Dave has been a part of the team here at sōsh for a month but it feels like he’s been here forever. Spot-on designer, budding community manager, multi-talented artist and the latest (eighth) addition to our little family, here – we can’t wait to see what’s to come. Take it away, Dave…

1) What are some of your hobbies (besides working, of course)?

When I am not doodling monsters and oddly shaped humans — I run a clothing brand, Bigshot Robot, which is inspired by a story, characters, and adventures. I also fancy myself an amateur electronic musician.

2) What’s your favorite thing about Milwaukee?

My favorite thing about Milwaukee has to be the growing culture. This city, in recent years has had a huge surge of small business start-ups, artists, and an active community full of supporters. All of these people work together to foster one another, and that community is something that makes Milwaukee a good home.


David Zimmerman

3) Mac or PC?

Mac & Cheese, I’ve got the blues.

4) What’s your favorite social platform?

Currently my favorite social platform is Instagram, being that I am a visual artist it allows me to reach an audience I might not have been able to reach previously. Also recently, I received an invite to contribute on the designer’s show and tell site — Dribbble.

5) What is your general philosophy when it comes to work?

A strong attention to detail can push anything to where it needs to be.

Draw More, If You’re Bored – You’re Boring.

6) Do you have a favorite tech/web company?

Google, they have a strong offering of products and I think they have something in store for us.

7) What’s an interesting fact about you?

I have had the chance to play my music in more than 16 different states, in at least three different bands.

This article was published in the BizTimes on March 18th, 2013

Facebook and Twitter are no longer content to take a back seat. Finally, brands and agencies are taking notice and advantage by producing fantastic content that is, at its best, timely, humorous, sentimental and uber-shareable.

One of the best examples in recent memory is Oreo’s “carpe diem” moment during this year’s Super Bowl. Many people have heard about or seen the tweet and that set the social media world ablaze but this was far from a one-hit-wonder. It all started in June of 2012.

oreo-tweetThat was when the cookie giant, a brand that topped $2 billion in revenue during 2011, launched its “Daily Twist” campaign. The campaign was an ambitious, 100-day social and digital push that marked a turning point in the company’s approach to marketing and, at its core, was all about great content. Over its course, we saw compelling graphic after compelling graphic, one each day. Some images were planned in advance, others the product of relevant topics. “The vast majority of the work happens in real time. Each morning the team homes in on what’s trending and what’s right for Oreo,” said DraftFCB Creative Director Megan Sheehan in an interview with AdAge.

It was this real-time, fast-paced mindset that allowed the brand and its partners to seize the moment when it came. Emerging from a boardroom “command center” in Tribeca that included decision-makers from the brand team and Oreo’s agencies, the post instantly captivated many of the 108 million people waiting “in the dark” and, arguably, created more buzz than any of the paid media that aired during the game.

With appropriate preparation, the right piece of creative and flawless timing, Oreo did, that night, what every other brand was trying to; they stole the show. And among the many responses to their tweet was this gem: “The lights went out and a new era in advertising was born.” Well said. This is, truly, only the beginning.

Meet sōsh: Kera

The newest addition to the team and a transplant from the retail industry, Kera has jumped right in and is already making waves! We can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve and what’s in store for all of us in the future. Without further ado…

1) What are some of your hobbies (besides working, of course)?

I volunteer at the humane society and brew my own beer. I also really enjoy beating my boyfriend in Mario Kart on almost a nightly basis.

2) What’s your favorite thing about Milwaukee?

I think this would need its own blog post… or two. The very simple answer is that I love the culture here. There’s a lot of diversity without being pretentious. Also… GO BREWERS!

Kera3) Mac or PC? 

Mac. One thousand times “Mac.” None of my PCs and I got along.

4) What’s your favorite social platform? 

Facebook is the platform most integrated into my daily life. I use it to keep in touch with people; it’s pretty much replaced email. Twitter I check the most throughout the day. It’s largely my source of news. However, I am a YouTube addict. It’s such an awesome forum for the everyman (or woman) to share their art.

5) What is your general philosophy when it comes to work?

I am a firm believer in taking pride in your work, no matter how big or small the project is. Whatever I’m working on, I want it to be completed as close to perfect as possible. I also believe that working as part of a team fosters greater results than working alone. By pushing and pushing back on each other, well designed teams have the ability to create something better than any one individual would have come up with on his or her own.

6) Do you have a favorite tech/web company? 

Not really. Sorry for the boring answer.

7) Anything else/interesting fact about you?

Combined, I’ve seen Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 more than 100 times.

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